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About The Cake Artist


I've been overjoyed to find a hobby that combines my love of art and baking.  I've been an avid artist since childhood, and have been baking just as long.  Those two interests were married in August of 2007 when my son's first birthday rolled around.  I wanted to make a special cake for him that he would recognize, so I chose to do a Go, Diego, Go cake.  While he didn't eat his own personal Rescue Pack cake since he wasn't used to having an audience around, everyone else enjoyed the cake and said I should get into doing cakes.  In October, 2 family members celebrate their birthdays, and with all those compliments still resonating in my mind I decided to give it a try.

And that was how it all began.  I have enjoyed learning new techniques, such as sculpting 3D cakes, crafting sugar flowers, and learning to use fondant.

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Located in Brockville, ON.