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Each cake is priced on a individual basis, depending on flavours, size, and complexity.  Specialty cakes, such as sculpted, hand-painted, fondant covered or intricate designs will require an extra cost to reflect the labour involved.  Premium flavours also incur extra costs. Due to the individual nature of pricing a cake, it is impossible to give a price chart.  Cakes can range anywhere from $3.50/serving - $7.50/serving. 

Below you can find a chart that gives you the serving yield of each size.  Wedding slices are based on a 1"x2" sized slice, and party slices are based on a 2"x2" sized slice.  

  • 8" round (15 wedding servings, 8 party servings) 
  • 9" round (22 wedding servings, 11 party servings)
  • 10" round (30 wedding servings, 15 party servings)
  • 12" round (45 wedding servings, 23 party servings)
  • 8" square (32 wedding servings, 16 party servings)
  • 10" square (50 wedding servings, 25 party servings)
  • 9x13 slab (60 wedding servings, 30 party servings) 
  • 9x13 slab ** one layer of cake with buttercream icing** (30 wedding servings, 15 party servings)


There are other sizes of cake available, please contact me for desired sizes or additional prices at [email protected]

Minimum order of $35 required.

Sculpted - Create a breath-taking display with a sculpted cake creation.  Sculpted cakes start at $60 for basic carving, and will be priced on a individual basis.  Sculpted cakes require the most time and attention, and thus, incur extra costs.

More Treats

Cupcakes - Cupcakes start at $2.25 each for basic flavours, design and buttercream icing.  Fondant covered cupcakes start at $3.75 each.  Cupcakes with sugar figures or complex design will incur extra costs.  Packaging cost and cupcake wrapper/specialty liners costs are extra, if desired.  Minimum order of 12 cupcakes required. 

Cookies - Choose your cookie flavour (ie gingerbread, sugar, shortbread, flavoured  or chocolate sugar/shortbread) and give individual treats to your guests.  Cookies start at $1.50 each for simple design/icing, and prices will differ depending on size and complexity.  Painted cookies start at $1.75 each. Cookies are decorated to match your tastes using royal icing.  Cookies can be decorated with piped designs, or hand-painted.  Minimum order of $35.


When placing an order, the more notice the better, as it is a first come, first serve priority. 

For tiered or wedding cakes, please provide at least 4 weeks notice.  If you are under time constraints, I will try to work with you to give you a wedding cake.  Planning and discussion is needed to make sure that the cake for your special day meets your expectations, so the more notice you can give, the better.  Booking early also ensures that I have the time to do your special cake.

For simple cakes, at least 4 days notice is required.  If booked early, more options are available (such a sugar figures, fondant, or specialty flavours.)  Options may be limited if booked late (ie, I can't make sugar figures that would be set if the time is not given.) so book as early as you can to get the best end product. 

E-mail [email protected] with your desired date, theme, flavour, size and details of your cake.  I will confirm all details with you, and ask for any additional information that is needed. 


Delivery is recommended on any tiered or wedding cakes to ensure your cakes safety.  Small cakes may be picked up free of additional cost.  Delivery does incur extra cost and will be discussed on a cake-by-cake basis.  Delivery charges depend on distance, cost of gas, and intensity of set-up.  If a cake is being set-up at venue, please ensure that the venue is open and available at a time we discuss.  If I am unable to get into the venue, you will be charged for my time.  It also may result in my having to deliver other cakes first, in which case I am not responsible if the cake is late to your event.  Please make sure that time of set-up is accurate with all parties involved to avoid any hassle.